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Related post: Message-ID: Newsgroups: From: X-Anonymously-To: Organization: Anonymous forwarding service Reply-To: Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 17:06:42 UTC Subject: Army Buddies (MM) Is this what they are afraid of? Lines: 226 Rex - my wonder stud by Mark DanielsThis is what I really wish would have happened with my army room mate while we were stationed at Wildflecken Germany. Rex, if you read this, I still would love to find out what's in your briefs!Shortly after being assigned to my unit I found that I would be working the third shift, midnight to 8 a.m. sexy site in ranchi This was great, it kept me out of most inspection and duty. diaper cakes franchise It also meant elweb ranchi vombat I wouldn't have to live in one of the large bays, since everyone else would be working and sleeping on a different time ranchi boards schedule.The First Sergeant assigned me to a two man rompl baby art room with Rex. His roommate had just left for the States and he worked and even odder shift than I did, 24 hours alexx fozya ranchi baby rompl illegal on, then 24 hours off-duty. This wasn't as bad as it seems, he could sleep ranchi sex at lolkaz rompl night during his duty yoda and ranchi shift, he just had to stay at the work site in case of emergency. It also meant we each had plenty of privacy and wouldn't disturb each other much at all.I had seen Rex around, but because of his work hours and because he was a pretty quiet guy, I didn't know him. It turned out he was a really nice person and we found lots that we had in common. We even looked similar, both about 5' 9" with light brown hair, blue eyes and glasses. I'm a little stockier and have more body hair, while he had the smooth tapered body of a swimmer.We quickly became good friends, hanging around together and doing things with each other. We would wrestle around, play tennis or whatever we wanted to during the day while everyone else was at ls ranchi links work. ranchi ls (We even visited a whorehouse together once, but neither of us found a girl to our liking.) I found yoda ranchi myself becoming 14 yo rape ranchi increasingly more fond of Rex, I felt closer to him than my fozya ranchi own brother.He had one quirk, he fuck girls in ranchi was so shy that he would put his terry cloth waist wrap on ranchi zeps gateway prior to removing his briefs and going to the shower, then put clean ones rompl yo on before taking the wrap off. Most of us stripped down, wrapped a towel around our waist and headed to the shower whenever it seemed empty. ranchi girl It struck me that after zeps guide ranchi six months of being roommates I had never seen him naked. I began wondering what the problem was. I also zeps ranchi began looking at his body more and more. He had a broad smooth chest with big brown elweb rompl nipples, firm butt and muscular legs just dusted with hair. I thought he was very handsome, and found the differences between our bodies attractive in an odd way. I wasn't sure dark collection rompl info why, but I became more and more curious zeps ranchi guestbook about what I couldn't see. What was dorki ranchi he hiding? One day I was laying in bed beating off when I heard him heard him coming back from work. While he unlocked the door, I had enough time to get under my covers and pretend I was reading a magazine. We talked for a while, then he said he was going to take a shower. I ranchi xlola 8yo watched as he got ready, trying to catch a look at his smooth boy rompl butt or crotch. As usual, he kept covered and I saw nothing.Still horny, I wanted to finish jerking off while he was showering. While working my meat I kept thinking of Rex and wondering what his dick looked ranchi hot girls like. I had never even seen another man's hardon, so my curiosity was strong. Just as I was ranchi porn about to reach a climax, I heard him put the key in the door again. Tucking my erection into my briefs, I rolled onto my belly waiting for it to go down. Rex came in and we started rompl nudist to talk. I teased him about being so shy, saying his pecker must be so small he was ashamed of it. He didn't say anything, just turned to his wall locker and reached for clean briefs. This time I decided to see what he had. I quickly got out of my bunk and grabbed his wrap from around his waist before he could react. He certainly wasn't expecting that, but quickly recovered. He was pissed. Grabbing for the wrap, we started wrestling. Since I really didn't want to fight, he quickly threw me into the wall then jump on me as I fell.While we were fighting I zep ranchi mummy really didn't get to ranchi forum pics see anything. Now he had me on my back sick kiddy fucking rompl with his knees pinning my arms. I had a clear view of his groin, but was more interested in rompl image trying to get him off of me. He called me an asshole rompl list and asked what the hell I was up to. I told him I was just kidding around and for him to let me up. He wouldn't unless I free sex in ranchi said I was an asshole and was sorry.While laying there, I finally looked at his crotch. He rompl pics non nude certainly had nothing rompl girls pics to hide. His balls were big, smooth low hangers that rested on my chest, zeps ranchi guide while his dick was about four inches long and fairly plump. It looked much larger than mine and my nuts are hairy and tight to my body. At this point I thought my curiosity was satisfied and just wanted him off of me. I tried bucking him off, but instead of bouncing off he just slid forward. This put his crotch right at my chin. I continued to squirm but he wasn't going anywhere. He started laughing and said that if I wanted to see his dick so badly he ranchi password gateway would show it ranchi sex india to me. He lifted his dick and started to rub it around my face. I was turning my head away, but really didn't think it was bad. His freshly washed groin had a slightly damp, sweaty feel and distinctive odor. He then shifted his body so that he was sitting on my chin with his baby romple rompl baby illegal movie nuts laying over my mouth and nose. I lo rompl liked ranchi guide that smell and really didn't want him off of me now. I parted my lips slightly to breathe and bd sisters rompl video brushed my tongue very softly over those balls. He had to feel ranchi something but probably didn't know what it was. I knew what I was doing, but didn't understand ranchi gateway sven why. ranchi imageboard I liked it though, and rubbed my tongue over his balls again, this time a little harder and covering more of the sweaty flesh. The skin tasted okay, but sex ranchi the feeling I got from doing the forbidden, was more powerful than anything I had ever felt.This time he knew something was happening and shifted down to pull his nuts off my mouth just as I desi girls ranchi opened my mouth to lick them again. I caught his dickhead with my tongue. He froze with it laying there. hot girls ranchi Jumping off of ranchi public forum ru me he said he was sorry, he didn't mean to make me rompl top nymph do that. He was sorry! He thought he made me do it! I almost laughed but didn't really know what was going on either. I did know that I enjoyed it and wanted to ranchi gateway do it again. I didn't know how he felt but hoped he enjoyed it as much as I did.I told him not to worry about it, it didn't bother me. illegal baby rompl pics He looked shocked. "But, you licked by dick! My girlfriend wouldn't even do that," he said, adding, "Have you done that before?".I told him this was the first time I had ever even seen angel rompl a dick up close. I also said that I always wondered what other guys looked like and asked to see his cock again. He sort of hesitated but said there was nothing I hadn't already seen and to look again if phtc nude ranchi I wanted.We sat on my bunk and I spread his legs to link to ranchi gateway stare at what I wanted to see. I pulled my briefs off and we started to compare. ranchi board He seemed content to look, but I asked if I could feel him. By this time he must have been as curious as I was. 3yo rompl baby I was curious about his ranchi porn pics body and he was curious about what was going to happen. I touched his pecker and was sort of surprised at the feel. My pecker stays pretty shriveled when not erect but his had zeps ranchi mummy some bulk to it and really felt kind of neat. His low hanging balls also were new to me and just bounced around in the smooth sack. This lola rompl ass handling started to excite him and the pecker started to get firmer. ranchi slut Knowing it was anal a franchini putas my touch that was doing this, excited me even more.Soon his dick was a hard six inches of pink maleflesh. The head was flatter than mine and the shaft a little ranchi pussy thinner but about the same length as mine when we were both hard. The light brown circumcision scar was in contrast to the pink column and the ranchi board zeps guide pale blue baby rompl gallery veins added more to my viewing pleasure. I was soon stroking his meat and he started moaning. He started asking me if I russia rompl ranchi would lick his nuts ranchi guestbook sex again."Please, you already did it once. I really didn't get to know hairy rompl what it felt like. Come on, just lick them once or twice." Rex said. "You said it wasn't bad. Just do it again!"I really wanted to do this, especially if it was for my best ranchi kiddy friend, but now there would be no way to pretend ranchi forum phtc it was an accident. He then reached over and grabbed my dick. Smearing the art lol rompl free-flowing precum over the head and sliding his hand down to cup my hairy balls. incest rompl The feeling was so intense that I thought I was going to cum. He asked again, and I knew I would to do anything for him.Moaning from his manipulation of my prick, I told him to rompl ru yo stop before I popped my nut. Sitting on the floor, I pulled him to the edge of the bunk with his legs on either side of me. The look on his face was one of excitement, confusion and forum ranchi ls sven desire all at once. Taking his hot pulsing cock in hand, I leaned down and licked his balls. They bounced and slid on my tongue. The sparse hairs tickled my yo rompl nose and the musky odor of his excitement was really turning me on. I licked again and heard Rex gasp. Asking - no - begging me not to stop. I kept licking those ranchi nude orbs and the sensitive area of his thighs.Placing his hands lightly on my ranchi lol board head he was guiding me higher, to his hot shaft. My tongue just kept licking, lapping everything within its reach. Finally reaching the head of his dick, I ranchi nipple i am fool ranchi found a new taste waiting for me. He was oozing precum and it was all over that broad flat head. This clear slick fluid tasted great! I kept running vombat elweb ranchi my tongue around his cockhead. This brought moans from him and more of that juice for me. He fell back on the bed and started squirming, getting ready to cum.Moving to his belly I gaijin ranchi licked the svens place ranchi juice from his sparse pubic patch and followed the path to his navel, which held zeps guide ranchi board another pool of precum. Climbing onto the bunk with him, I licked at his big nipples. They started getting hard, soon I was sucking them just like a girl's tits.Rex kept bouncing around the bunk with excitement, moaning and mumbling. Telling me he couldn't take it much more, he begged me to go back to his pecker and take it into my mouth. I didn't need much coaxing. Feeling that hot wet cock slide between my lips was the last thing I would have said I wanted an hour before, but now it was all I wanted. Bouncing my head over his groin, and taking his meat was more than I had expected. I gagged a few times, but slowed down until I became more used to the feeling. Soon Rex was practically screaming with pleasure and crying out that he was going to cum.He couldn't have pulled my mouth from around his cock at that point if he had to. I was going berserk trying to please him and feeling all these things I had never experienced. My own cock adult toys franchise felt bigger, hotter and harder than it had ever been.Then it happened, I felt him stiffen and his ranchi zeps guide body zeps ranchi links jerk as the semen shot ranchi hentai into my mouth. Swallowing quickly to keep from ranchi lotita losing any, the movement of my mouth seemed to intensify his pleasure. Finally, the spurts subsided and his dick lost its super-hardness. Getting my first real taste of his cum I was disappointed, it wasn't nearly as sweet as the precum. I wasn't really sure if I liked the flavor, but I liked what I had to do to get it. Now was the moment that could get me thrown out of the Army in disgrace. How was Rex rompl videos going to act now that his passion was subsiding and the reality of what we had done would rompl thumbs set in?"You liked eating my dick, didn't you ranchi shitmix Cocksucker?" he snapped. The words stung and I ranchi whores could feel art pic rompl my hard dick start to shrivel. Then, looking at his face I saw the brightest smile I had ever seen."Good, I sure liked how you did it! I've been thinking of this day ever since you moved in. You never saw me naked because just thinking of being naked around you made it start to harden." he said, adding "Now it's my turn. I'll try to give you as much pleasure as you just gave me!" Rex and I shared that room for quit awhile after that and never ceased trying to give each nasty links ranchi other pleasure. It was one of the saddest days in my life when he was reassigned back to the States and I still get hard thinking about him. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* anonymized and you are allocated an anon id. Read the nude ranchi girl help file to prevent this. Please report any problems, 2006 ranchi nude inappropriate use etc. to
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